about me

I'm interested in reverse-engineering, networks, electronics, osdev, and retrocomputing. Some people call me a Bash witch (:3) because I frequently push the limits of what's possible in a shell. Many think of Bash as a simple language for automation, whereas I enjoy (ab)using it to create complex projects in a wide variety of domains. You may know me from my Minecraft server written in Bash, my web framework (also in Bash), or maybe one of my other fun, cursed projects.

I love selfhosting! I have always found servers and server hardware neat. The idea of leaving a computer running hundreds of kilometers away and talking to it through a really, really long wire is still somewhat mesmerizing to me. Currently, I host... anything and everything, including this webpage, a bunch of services for friends and cool people, and even some public access stuff, such as a few official Linux distro mirrors. Thanks to those, my infra handles tens of terabytes of monthly traffic ^^

From some... non-computery things, I enjoy loooong train rides (and travelling in general :3), cuddling, and urban exploration. In the future, I would also like to explore many things in greater depth, such as machining, woodworking, and artistic drawing.

If you like what I'm hacking, you can throw some money my way using ko-fi or GitHub sponsors - thanks! While I'm employed and my financial situation is stable, I still highly appreciate all the support! <3


a random selection of stuff I made:

  1. HTTP.sh, a webserver / app framework written in Bash
  2. Witchcraft, a Minecraft server implementation in Bash
  3. GeoIPGuesser, a HTML5 game in which you guess an IP's location for points
  4. OCW, a webapp for opening Czapkomaty compartments
  5. telegram.sh, a Telegram Bot API library written in Bash

contact / socials

I don't really enjoy this whole "PGP" thing. If privacy is required, use AGE: age -r age1segf8ult98qtl07uhkps3cw35vsxkdk5f8t9v08fehx9tn7zzu8svmmm53 < plain > encrypted Send me the result as a file. If impossible, base64-encode and send as text/plain. Thanks!

friends / cool people