Why Doom was so revolutional?

Everyone heard about Doom. You haven't? Well, it's a 3D First Person Shooter game from 1993, that (re)defined what we call a FPS game. Many call it revolutionary, many say that if not for Doom there wouldn't be such iconic franchises like Quake or Half-Life, but have you ever wondered what really made it that cool to play, even today?

Popular statements...

As even Id Software claims, Doom is a hellish 3-D game. In 1993, a game that was about hell and included demons was.. well, doomed at the beginning. Wide public wasn't prepared to see it, mainly because there weren't that many games including blood and gore at that time. Wolfenstein 3D, another game published by Id Software was very well received by gamers, but critiqued by general public for its drastic deaths, blood and nazi symbols, so Id was probably already prepared for bad reception of Doom by the general public - but they didn't want to cut edges on it to make it more appealing to everyone.. But let's get back on track..

(maybe not) Obvious statements..

I can't lie - Doom was a huge revolution for its time. Every game element - starting on gameplay, ending on the music - was excellently made. Graphics were beautiful for the time, music was very catchy and motivating, gameplay was fast-paced and demanding - every element alone was good, but that's not what made Doom so iconic and succesful - it was every of those, but put together.

Many people that talk or write about Doom seem to forget about the fact, that if not all of those elements were combined, we would have an average game in the best case scenario; Just imagine Doom without music - many people have played it like that because of lack of a sound card, or other issues, and they've enjoyed it, but would it be so enjoyable without music and sfx today? Another example, let's play Doom at 10fps, just to make it slower - again, a lot of people with slow 386 computers have played doom like that, and it was surely an exciting experience for that time, but would it be enjoyable today? I doubt it.

Even the first room is excellently designed, just to make player want to see more

I hope that you've enjoyed reading this (rather short) weblog post. As for Doom.. Happy 24th birthday.

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Facter at 18.11.2018, 12:17:35

And they threat game fans by going to hell if it is copied. Especially they should watch out because they earned money by such tragedy as WW II event. So if no WW II, the Wolf and Spear titles wouldn't exist. For them it would be less money and games to sell, also ideas most likely. They were not even original but made a game based on nazi history and signs. Basically, they have stolen these symbols and sold them along with it's history.

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