:about me

I'm Dominika "sdomi" Liberda. I'm a hacker / security researcher with an interest in reverse-engineering software and hardware. Other than that, I have experience in programming (Bash, Python3, JS...) and Linux system administration.

If you'd like to check out some of my stuff, see my weblog, follow my Twitter and/or Pleroma!

BTW: selfisekai and Mae are awesome, cute, adorable and I love them a lot <3


Currently, I host most of my code-related stuff on our GitLab instance, with minor exceptions still residing on GitHub. Below are some of my most interesting projects:

  1. HTTP.sh webserver / app framework
  2. Haruhi-DL - an ytdl fork I maintain with selfisekai
  3. OCW, a webapp for opening Czapkomaty compartments
  4. telegram.sh, a Telegram Bot API library written in Bash (WiP)