about me

sdomi, s stands for Segmentation Fault (core dumped).

I'm a "hacker" (...multiple definitions, a lot of them right) / "security researcher" with an interest in reverse-engineering soft/hardware. Other than that, I mess with electronics, I write in Bash (and a few other langs), and I host a Linux-based server infra.

More: check out my weblog, and my Fedi profile.

ALSO: If you'd like to support me financially, here's my ko-fi - thanks a ton! :3
to be transparent: I have a job now, so my situation is stable. I'm still thankful for all the help <3


Currently, I host most of my code-related stuff on my GitLab instance, with minor exceptions still residing on GitHub. Below is a random selections of projects that I deemed "cool":

  1. HTTP.sh webserver / app framework
  2. Witchcraft, a Minecraft server written in Bash
  3. GeoIPGuesser, a HTML5 game in which you guess an IP's location for points
  4. OCW, a webapp for opening Czapkomaty compartments
  5. telegram.sh, a Telegram Bot API library written in Bash (WiP)

contact / socials

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