(the coolest) Machines

ThinkPad 600X [Chariot]

Tough and reliable laptop. 500MHz of raw Pentium III power, 256MB of SDRAM; Complete with CD, DVD and FDD drive and a working battery. Currently w/ Windows 98SE on board.

ThinkPad X230 [Lotte]

My main laptop. IPS screen, i5-3320M, 8GB of DDR3, a classic keyboard and a fast SSD make it a great machine for coding and browsing the web. Void GNU/Linux on board.

ThinkPad X32 [Megumin]

One of my favourite ThinkPads. Relatively lightweight, cheap to repair, fast enough for some basic tasks. Windows 2000 and Devuan on board.

ThinkPad X40 [Nanachi]

One of my most recent purchases. Smaller and more lightweight than the X32, some consider the X40 IBM's first ultralight ThinkPad. 1GB of DDR, 3v3 modded PATA to SD adapter and currently no system onboard.

Fujitsu P1610 [Nano]

Probably my smallest and lightest netbook. Comes with a TrackPoint, 8" 1280x768 screen, 1GB of DDR RAM (custom board) and a slooow Core Solo U1400. Used it with Arch, Void and Windows 2000, currently without an OS.

486 PC [Constanze]

Custom built 486 based on a 486DX2, 32MB of EDO RAM, SoundBlaster! AWE64 (sadly not gold), and a random Trident graphics card, it's more than enough for most DOS games.